East Brisbane Dietitian

Our East Brisbane Accredited Dietitian, Michael, can help you on your journey to better health and wellbeing.  

Be it weight-loss, managing a chronic health condition or giving your body its best chance of recovery from hip or knee surgery, our Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, Michael Lawler is here to help. 

Let us help you simplify the process of getting and staying healthy. 

Our Approach

Having the right advice, support and a plan that suits your body (and life) can make a huge difference to getting on top of your health. Working out what to do and understanding what is right for your body can be a challenge. It can be difficult to know where to start and even harder to stay on track. Because of this, we have a strong focus on accountability. We are friendly, supportive and we listen.  Our East Brisbane Dietitian Michael, takes the time to get to know you and creates a realistic and achievable plan.

Appointment Types

Our goal is to empower you through education, to create healthy lifestyle changes that stick. 

Initial Consultation

This involves completing a nutritional health assessment (factoring in physical, medical, dietary, social & lifestyle factors) to form an individualised nutrition plan for you. 

Your dietitian will sit down with you and discuss strategies to achieve your health and nutritional goals. 

Session Length: 60mins

Price: $200

Review Sessions

Build on your progress with support and accountability. Review sessions are to check in and see how you are going and adjust the plan if needed. The frequency of these appointments will vary from person to person. 

In these sessions, identify barriers or road blocks holding you back and find strategies to overcome them. 

Session Length: 30mins

Price: $85

healthy Living Workshops

We enjoy presenting and sharing our knowledge to groups.

Most importantly, we work with you. Rather than having pre-set talks, we prefer to liaise with you regarding your specific needs and tailor a presentation to your group. 

Contact us today about having our accredited dietitian or qualified health coach come and talk to your local community group or workplace. 

Contact us on (07) 3310 4494 or email connect@ubanwell.com.au to enquire today. 

Session Length & Price: TBA

Your Dietitian Works
With You.

Your accredited East Brisbane Dietitian will take three varying approaches to helping you based on your specific needs, time-frame, goals and lifestyle. 

Individualised Meal Planning

Your East Brisbane Dietitian will work with you to develop a meal plan that is as simple or as involved as your needs require. If there are particular foods you need to avoid for health reasons or if you choose to follow a particular diet (i.e., vegetarian), your dietitian will factor this in. Weekly plans make it easy for you to follow along and achieve your goals.

Habit Building

Your East Brisbane Dietitian will work with you to identify your habits and change them, as necessary. There are 12 habits and attitudes we need to learn to be able to find weight loss easy and effective. By forming healthy habits, this will help you to maintain your diet and not relapse.

Evidence-Based Pre-Surgical or Rapid Weight Loss

Your East Brisbane Dietitian will recommend safe and evidence-based meal plans that will help you to achieve your goals. If you are focusing on rapid weight loss, your calorie and macro nutrient needs will be aligned to your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and energy expenditure (your daily exercise routines), often requiring a low calorie diet to kick start your journey.

How we can help

Weight Loss

With thousands of weight loss products available on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Michael is both accredited and University trained, so you can rest assured he is more than qualified to find the best weight loss strategy for you.

Chronic Disease Management

Our accredited East Brisbane Dietitian is specially trained to help individuals with chronic health conditions, facilitating life without unnecessary limitation. Michael will work closely with your GP and other specialists as part of your Chronic Disease Management Plan, so that you receive gold-standard care and support.

Lower Limb Pre/Post Op Surgery

Michael's combined experience as a Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist places him in a unique position to support you pre-surgery as well as long-term, post-op, especially from week 12 onwards. During this time, Michael is heavily involved in creating a holistic health plan focusing on strength, conditioning and healthy eating.
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