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1 in 3 Australian’s over the age of 50 have hearing loss. However the average person waits 7 – 10 years to treat this condition.

Research tells us this is too long, because of the greater health impacts of untreated-hearing loss.

We have combined this research and more in our book ‘Say What – The surprising impact of hearing loss on ageing, wellbeing and dementia onset’.  

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Brisbane Hearing Tests and Audiology Services


We are an independent audiology clinic, meaning we offer a greater range of hearing aids and solutions that best fit you and your lifestyle. Audiology is more than fitting hearing aids. The services we provide include:

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Learn about what is involved in a Brisbane hearing test, by clicking here. First we talk to you about your general health history, then we step you through a range of hearing tests that measure the softest sounds that you can hear and identify what type of hearing loss you might have. We then discuss your results and offer recommendations on how to improve or protect your hearing, this may or may not include recommending hearing aids.

The most common recommendation for treating hearing loss is to be fitted with hearing aids. After your Brisbane hearing test, we sit down and discuss your results then talk more about your lifestyle and what situations you are struggling to hear, such as at work, in groups or in background noise. We then make recommendations on the types of devices, explain their features and talk about pricing options and next steps.

We believe in full transparency in the way we operate our clinic. Not everyone needs the same features in their hearing aids and generally speaking the more features, the higher the price. Depending on where you go, hearing aids can cost up to $12 000 or more. Ours range from ‘free to fit*’ with $0 upfront costs (*Only available for Pensioners eligible for the Hearing Services Program) to $5500 – $8500 for our more premium levels of technology.
There is the option to do payment plans and all of our devices come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The best way to see the benefit of hearing aids is to experience them first hand. The problem with ‘trial periods’ is that adjusting to hearing aids can take months because your brain needs time to adjust to the new level of sound. Instead we call it a 2 week acclimatisation period, which enables you to experience wearing hearing aids, with the understanding that it may take a little more time to get used to them. This two week experience is completely FREE and has “no-strings attached”. If you do go ahead with the aids,  we offer a 60 day, money-back guarantee, if you are unhappy with them. 

If you are a pensioner eligible for the Hearing Services Program then you can get ‘free to fit entry level’  devices ($0 out of pocket cost) or equivalent subsidies, towards more premium devices. Certain private health insurers offer rebates for hearing aids. These are generally between $400 – $1600, depending on your level of extras cover. We recommend talking to your health insurer, prior to your appointment. If needed, we can also assist in talking to your health insurance company. 

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Brisbane Hearing Tests and Audiology Services is in a convenient location in East Brisbane. Urban Well is committed to high quality care, modern and discreet hearing solutions and empowering you to make informed decisions about your hearing health.  

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