Our philosophy behind health coaching is simple: Normal life is busy, and the simplest solutions are often the best. When it comes to your health, life can also get confusing. And when you’re already pressed for time, it can be hard to make the best choices.

On the surface, health coaching is the process of telling you what to do to be healthy. Good health coaching goes much deeper than that.

There are a lot of ways to have a healthy lifestyle, and a lot of ways to manage or treat health conditions – but no one right way. There’s lots of research to support many different approaches; health coaching is about finding the approach that works best for you.

We take our coaching to the next level by incorporating this research into our approach – hence the Science-Based title. We know what the research says works, and what is likely to be a fad offering quick but unsustainable results. In science-based health coaching, we help you understand your options and how they might impact your lifestyle, taking into account the time and effort you can realistically give, as well as what sounds the most appealing. Basically, we’re here to help you sort out the most straightforward approach.

The other piece of our health coaching that sets us apart is the supportive accountability that we offer. By working together, you and your coach identify which actions will have the greatest positive impact on your health, with the lowest impact on your daily amount of “busy”. Your coach is your primary support person in taking these steps. We’ll use any combination of text messages, emails, and your personal coaching program to help you stick with the expectations you’ve set for yourself.

And we’re also here to troubleshoot the plan. No one is perfect and things inevitably get off track. That’s ok – we’re all human! The real success comes with figuring out how to deal with the challenge the next time it pops up. Your coach will help you plan for that too.

Just like most things worth doing, making a significant change to your health takes a bit of time. Our 90-Day Health Overhaul is designed to maximise your support and success by focusing on one significant change and supporting you in making it a habit. If you’re not sure whether health coaching is right for you, book in for a free phone call with our health coach and find out what we can do for you.

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