Our Method

Our approach to simplifying health

Healthy living is really complex. It differs for everyone and relies on a myriad of factors that come together to help us live the life we want, without unnecessary limitation. 

Services Provided

Individual Services

  • Do you have an injury you can’t get on top of?

  • Do you want to be able to keep up with your friends or kids on the weekends?

  • Are you sick and tired of having to make unnecessary compromises to your life because of an injury or unmanaged health condition? 

  • Do you feel like you are slowly withdrawing from conversations or social events?

Our Services

  • Exercise physiology

  • Audiology

  • Deep tissue and remedial massage

  • Health coaching

  • Movement and flexibility classes 

  • Health workshops
The initial health assessment helps us understand you, your lifestyle and goals. We perform an easy but comprehensive, full-spectrum health check, to start your journey to better health. All of our community must undergo an intake session, prior to 
joining our Urban Well community programs and group classes. Individual health services can be accessed without this session, however it is strongly recommended to undergo a healthy living assessment first. 
As part of your initial intake, your healthy living facilitator will discuss your results and make recommendations based on your goals, time frames and priorities. They help you come up with a plan to futureproof your health and wellbeing and offer strategies on where to start.
We have a range of programs to kick start your journey to better health. You can either utilise our health services individually and join classes on a casual basis or join one of our healthy living programs created to support and accelerate your health journey. 

Based on your plan, your facilitator may recommend you see certain health professionals to assist you in getting on top of your health and wellbeing. Your facilitator will refer you to high quality health professionals either internally or external to Urban Well. 

An annual review is also recommended, where appropriate. This allows us to re-adjust your plan and check-in to make sure you are on track to achieving your health goals.

Simplifying the Process

How do we simplify it?

At Urban Well we simplify the process of accessing high-quality healthcare and information. We work with you to create a simple, practical and evidence-based plan, to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goal be it:

  • Overcoming a long-standing injury, 
  • Becoming healthier or fitter than you ever thought possible
  • Generally improving your happiness, stress or energy levels. 
  • Or helping you to live the life you want without unnecessary limitation.

Along the way we dive into your motivations and what might hold you back from achieving your goals. We empower you through knowledge and support you on your journey to better health.

How We Work...

Often we know we need to improve our health, yet with so many factors to manage, creating lasting changes can feel overwhelming and be difficult. 
We are here to help.

All of our therapists follow the principle of One Plan - That is, when working with our team or network of allied health partners we work together, creating one plan that is tailored to you. By working together with you, we aim to minimise the overwhelmingness that is differing opinions, information or overlapping exercises, gaining more continuity of care and better outcomes. 

Not sure where to start? Let us help you.

Like all of our services at Urban Well, Health Coaching is evidence-based and backed in science. 

Our Coaching Process:

Our health coaches simplify the complexities of health by systematically looking at elements of your life and healthy living. 

  1. In your initial session discuss your health, fitness and/or wellbeing goals to quickly identify what to focus on and where to start in order to achieve your goals.
  2. Develop an achievable plan to make these healthy-life changes or get on top of an injury. 
  3. Identify if there is anyone else that you could bring onto your health team, be it a dietician, doctor, physio, OT, exercise physiologist and have recommendations on who would be best for what you need.  
  4. Each week your coach helps you break down the process into small manageable steps, helps keep you motivated and on track and offers support when you need it the most. 
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